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First let me explain who I am. I'm Don Grahams grandaughter. I was saddened to hear about Uncle Bud. I remember visitng San Diego as a young child. Looking at the family pictures reminds me of my grandfather who I miss very much. I want to thank Uncle Bud for writing his autobiography. I have learned so much from it. It's something that I will cherish and pass on to my children.
Chrissy Nowak (Kozak) <>
palos hills, il USA -
It's hard to know what to say, except that we loved Grandpa a lot, are missing him, and know that he is in a better place. We're thinking of you, Grandma. With lots of love, Stephen, Ericka, Clara, and Anna
Stephen <>
Seattle, WA USA -
Bud's biograhical history was interesting to me having grown-up on Lake Michigan (Racine, WI) and having used the North Shore and Northwestern RR frequently. Also worked at Atomics International (1960-1964) and knew of some of the people he worked with in the nuclear reactor community. He had a long and very distinguished career.
Patrick McCann <>
San Diego, CA USA -
I am very sorry to hear of Bud's passing. I always enjoyed Bud's wry sense of humor.One of the Founding Fathers of the orbital industry is gone. Sincerely, John
John Emmerson
Dearest Em - So very sorry to hear about your loss. Still often think of our wonderful days together at Marston Middle & the great laughs we enjoyed. You & your wonderful family are certainly in my prayers. God bless you all - love, Chris
Chris Arrigo <>
I deeply regret the information about Bud. Whenever he has had a fulfilled life, he was one of our key-persons when we founded our new and own company and he always was a reliable and honest partner – more than that, he became a friend of us to whom we have to say Thank You for always great support in all situations an behaviours! Be ensured, that all of us, who have learnt him to know personally, are deeply concerned and sad about his leaving from us all. Give my deep regrets even to Emily. Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Kind regards Hubert Dotzauer ORBIMATIC GmbH Floesser Weg 17 35418 Buseck Germany
Hubert Dotzauer <>
Buseck, Germany -
We'll miss you. Mom will always remember Ashland Avenue.
Brad Graham - Ruth Graham <>
Tacoma, Wa USA -